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A&E is a respected Intellectual Property Law Firm representing clients since 2006. Our founders were previously patent examiners for mechanical and chemical patent applications. Technically, we are a mix of chemists, biochemists, engineers in different fields and lawyers covering all the IP needs of our clients. This is reflected in our client list, which includes multinational companies, and international law firms. From our office based in Mexico City we offer our clients a full range of IP services throughout Latin American.

A&E is a modern, dynamic and flexible company which counts with a dedicated and enthusiastic team of engineers and lawyers working in accordance with our philosophy and always sharing the common interest of the clients, particularly high standard services, responsiveness and cost-effective services. We use a problem-solving and proactive approach to provide strategic legal services that are necessary in obtaining, maintaining, protecting and transferring intellectual property rights.

Mainly focused on patents, our engineers and attorneys working on cases are always in direct contact with our clients. Our formalities officers, who are responsible for administrative and litigation support, also work directly with the client. This way we provide our clients with a personal assistance in a case-by-case basis. Our patent team, with a deep knowledge of PCT filing process as well as nationalizing international PCT applications is involved in entering National Phase applications in Latin American countries that are members of the PCT. This allows you to be in contact with some of the most PCT experienced personnel in the area.

Our clients feel comfortable with our workflow. We always inform you in advance of the steps to be taken, the cost associated to such action and will proceed just upon receipt of instructions from the client. There are not hidden fees or hourly rates in our services, so we avoid you to be involved in the additional administrative burden of being checking and approving a never-ending chain of invoices. You pay one time the amount we charge for a particular service.

A&E occupies a niche in Latin American Intellectual Property profession and comes to solve a longstanding need of foreign companies and its representative firms for dealing with Intellectual Property matters in an efficient and safe way, helping you to save pressure on your resources, money, and time.


Nowadays IP plays a central role in most commercial transactions. For all businesses, whether small, medium, or large, intellectual property can be their single most valuable asset. As our economy becomes more and more international and competition increases, the importance of IP Rights becomes ever clearer. To be successful in the market, companies need to have a well-thought-out IP strategy.

However, IP Rights represent an increasing cost factor; they are time consuming and difficult to obtain, enforce and maintain. All the above require professional, precise, cost-effective, and fast IP services.

From our side, in order to be successful in today's world, we must distinguish ourselves from our competitors, be unique, and must concentrate on our strengths. Our philosophy encourages an entrepreneurial spirit, proactive, creative problem solving and the highest levels of client services by combining big firm ability and experience with small firm creativity, responsiveness, and cost-effectiveness.


A&E is a company large enough to cover all fields of IP protection but small enough to give individual and careful attention to every client/case. Because we are small and a specialized practice firm, we are able to provide dedicated and personalized service to all our clients from individual persons to large corporations. We treat all our clients with the same level of courtesy, honesty and respect they expect and deserve from us. All the clients receive the attention and direct involvement of one of the partners.


A&E is a flexible and manageable company lacking internal bureaucracy which allows us to be more focused on our clients and to be better equipped to cover their needs personally.


Obtaining, maintaining and enforcing IP Rights is an extremely expensive proposition in today's competitive business environment. In this context every service must be worth its cost. We work on flat fees, allowing the client to make an exact budgetary planning before sending an order instruction. Operating efficiently and effectively allows us to maintain a small technical and administrative staff and, consequently, to keep a reasonable fee structure.


Nowadays business and companies are not expecting to receive a conservative method of practice from their IP advisers, they require a proactive and innovative IP law firm. We work to anticipate future needs and to advise our clients on the best way to safeguard their IP Rights at the lowest possible cost. We are expert at anticipating potential problems and recognizing opportunities to solve these problems in our client's benefit at the time we save their time in a way they do not even have to think of the right question to ask. All our professionals are experienced in their respective areas. When clients contact us, they deal with an experienced IP attorney. A&E recognizes that the success of every client is a success indirectly shared by our firm.


Time is extremely important when dealing with IP matters. At A&E we do not have a large organization hierarchy and can act very quickly in response to the client's needs. We strive to return all communications promptly within the next hour from the moment they are received in our office. Our organization's commitment is to make all the necessary arrangement to avoid our clients sending reminders saving their time and pressure on their resources. Our staff is available for any need our clients might have at virtually any time. Thanks to this around the clock access our clients in other regions (Asia, Europe ) are able to receive the same high level of responsiveness as the clients of our region.


At A&E we count with an experienced team working on our client´s cases in Latin America. This team is made up of lawyers and patent engineers all over Latin American countries.

Since our firm was created, we have been working to become the preferred hub to manage all our client´s applications in Latin America. Today, we have a constant flow of work, to our associates in the region.

After many years of experience, we proud ourselves to count with a great team. We have created a network of patent engineers with a vast experience and knowledge in the patent field. Our patent team is very unique in Latin America as it is often difficult to find experienced patent attorneys in the area. This knowledge, experience and closeness with our colleagues allows us to offer and excellent service and truly competitive prices.



Practice Area


Protecting innovation and creativity is becoming increasingly more difficult and complex. At A&E, we understand that. It is a distinctive aspect of our company that most of the staff have a technical background and are involved in patent services. We have the people, processes, and technology in place to offer our clients a full range of services in virtually every technical field, from patentability search, drafting, filing, prosecution, granting, patentability opinions, validity studies, infringement opinions and maintenance.

Our technical depth, industry experience and knowledge of the patent system enable us to obtain top-quality patent services, covering a broad range of technologies. Members of our specialized patent teams have advanced degrees or education in various scientific disciplines such as electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, computer science, chemistry, biology and pharmacology as well as experience as former patent office examiners well versed in the intricacies of the Patent Office.


In an increasingly competitive world, establishing and maintaining a strong brand identity is more important than ever. Our clients brands are the face of their organizations. They embody their reputation and reputation is everything. Trademark protection means that others cannot depreciate from that reputation created by a business. At A&E, we understand the critical importance of our clients’ branding needs and deliver the highest level of practical, creative advice.

Our attorneys work with clients offering unparalleled experience in trademark enforcement, including filing, prosecution, litigation, opposition proceedings, infringement, cancellations, and invalidations. The trademark team help our clients manage their trademark portfolios and establishes effective strategies aimed at protecting brands locally and abroad. A&E assists in obtaining, maintaining and monitoring international registrations through the Madrid Protocol filed by our clients.


Visual elements are considered an important marketing tool, awakening the buyer’s desire for a product. In today’s ever-changing, global consumer marketplace, product designs have taken on a new importance.

At A&E, we offer the best legal support and strategic counseling according to the client´s needs. Our design patent attorneys are focused on securing enforceable and sustainable design rights that further our clients business goals. We help companies protect their unique product designs and are tailored to each client’s specific strategic goals. We provide high-quality client services, from the filing of an application to the post-grant maintenance procedure.

Mexico is the first country in Latin America to join the Hague System, let us walk you through the process to obtain design registration.


The Plant Variety Protection provides intellectual property protection to breeders of new varieties of sexually reproduced, tuber propagated, and asexually reproduced plant varieties. Our Plant Variety Group has an extensive experience preparing and obtaining patents for new plant varieties, plant patents, and Plant Variety Protection (PVP) Certificates, advising and counseling clients regarding the handling of trademarks and variety denominations. We also oversee and coordinate the filing and maintenance of plant patent, plant breeders’ rights (PBRs).


Copyright law can be an extremely complex component of intellectual property law. When you create an original literary, scientific and artistic work, such as poems, articles, films, songs, sculptures, software or data bases you are protected by copyright. Nobody apart from you has the right to make the work public or reproduce it.

At A&E, our intellectual property attorneys work closely with individuals to preserve their rights through copyright laws. We have the knowledge to help clients defend their valuable copyrighted assets. We take the time to understand how clients copyrights fit into their overall business strategy, enabling our legal team to provide tailored protection and enforcement solutions that are both persuasive and dynamic.

Our Team


"With 658 active patent clients and 700 new applications filed last year, Aldecoa & Elias is a destination of choice for those seeking technically sophisticated patent prosecution services in Mexico. International patrons from a wide range of jurisdictions have sought the team out for drafting and filing across an array of scientific fields, from innovative composite materials, textiles and mechanical engineering solutions, through pharmaceuticals, chemistry and medical devices. More than a filing house, the outfit attracts praise from patrons for its “value-added approach to prosecution. The attorneys at Aldecoa & Elias are proactive and take action when applications need modification. The team is excellent to work with; they are very communicative and responsive. Working alongside the team is always a smooth and positive collaboration. Queries are answered quickly, clearly and concisely, and work is completed effectively and on time. The firm’s personalised feedback results in high-quality, context-specific advice, uniquely tailored to every situation. Their work product guarantees an excellent overall impression of the group. On top of it all, they offer attractive fees and represent good value for money.” Feedback is much the same for practice leader Roger Valdés. The electrical and automation control engineer is “professional and responsive, with good patent capabilities. Working with Roger is always a very positive experience. He responds promptly and delivers clear advice. He is absolutely a safe pair of hands who provides pragmatic and jurisdictionally appropriate advice.”